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and Sheet metal Most Contracts are Insulated on the Site. Equipment or pipework with an operation temperature greater than 55°C in case of metallic surfaces and 65°C in the case of non-metallic surfaces should be insulated so that the surface temperature after insulation (cold surface temperature) does not exceed 55°C.If you have ever been strung along by a guy you love, who you know is so WRONG for you, it is really important you listen to this episode.

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Or, do you organize your own ‘pity party’ when things go wrong, feeling sorry for yourself? Do you believe kicking your own ass is an effective way to make change?Vedder & Moffat specialize in the Supply and Application of Thermal Insulation to :- Successful Contracts include:- Mines, Mills, Abattoirs, Industrial and Chemical Plants, Air-conditioning , Food Processing , Hospitals, Prisons, Hotels, Hot Water, Traced Lines, Heat Exchangers.Insulation to Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Lobster Back Bends etc.Vedder & Moffat Insulation Contractors , established in 1967, are a leading South African Thermal Insulation Company Specializing in Hot and Cold Insulation, Lagging and Cladding In all our work we never compromise on quality and have a reputation for quality of workmanship.Insulation is the single most effective way to control energy expenditure at home and industrial applications.

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