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She was perfect for him, but she didn't have those big tits that boys looked at. She was the type of girl Ryan would wake up one day and realize was what he needed.

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We live outside of town on a very secluded 250 acre mountainous tract that is surrounded by much larger tracts of land, very large ranches actually.

Ryan was on his fourth or fifth girlfriend at Davie's age. “And what exciting things are you doing for your Friday night? “Wouldn't your rather be playing with a girl.” His cheeks went crimson as he groaned, “Mom.” “Oh, honey, it's really worth it. Not a slutty girl like Melissa, but someone that could educate him without breaking his heart.

She's crazy about me.” He flashed the peace sign, trying to look like a badass before he headed out the door. “Neither of you ever listen to your mother.” Davie shrugged. And we were happy together.” I shivered, remembering our first time. I bet it would give Davie such confidence if he had someone to show him about sex.

“Mom wants me to date Annie,” Ryan said as he walked by, ruffling Davie's brown hair. “She'll break your heart.” “No she won't. I had to take the lead, just so horny for Mitchel, so in love.

Chopra may not wear the famous red swimsuit in Baywatch but she leaves the audience in need of mouth to mouth resuccitation in a succession of cleavage-baring outfits.

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