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Veteran scouts swear he and Alex Rodriguez are the two greatest high school players they've witnessed.

Without drugs, this man might have become the greatest player of his generation.

Why weren't red flags raised when he missed a routine pop-up his final game with the Rangers?

WMW: After the boyzz have finished answering the questions and responding to your comments we plan to enable full chat functionality and allow for an interactive discussion... It's become another style element, (we'd like to think, anyway...). What these show hours will do to one's sense of keen. Billy: - MULLARD brand valves from the UK ...preferably from the early 60's ... Frank: Well awright ..yeah." Come and step up to taking a little piece of us home with you from the fine design table and the wicked collection from this tour's illustrations Frank: ... Billy: We're not sure what indeed does duly lurk in these beards amidst yesterday's sandwich or this mornings Mexican breakfast combo. Before turning the keypad over, we're to be known as one thing, and one thing fo' sure..just love, love, love that amazing American art of the Blues!

It's also a lot easier to manipulate, since it exposes a DOM structure.

This would enable you to simply traverse the DOM and easily check the parent/ancestor nodes so that the replacements can be performed by changing the I agree - regexp usage for parsing is not sutable.

But here is a bit other situation - what is needed - just to replace text in a text file.

Its success spurned a sequel in 2005, but because of scheduling conflicts the story was re-written with a new character as the lead badass.

Enter Ice Cube as Darius Stone in x Xx: State of the Union, who is tasked with protecting the President against a power struggle against him.

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    Driving home from his job as chief of CUNY’s public safety officer training, Jim Capozzi relaxes as soon as he hits the bridge over to the Rockaways. The stress of the day starts to melt away,” he tells The Post.