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We were contacted by a number of local electrical contractors to supply the components in a 115KV substation for Johnson Controls’ new testing facility in York, PA.

After reviewing the bid documents, we found that this opportunity meshed well with our strengths.

In 1986, the General Electric Company announced that it would be closing its Large Power Transformer Operation in nearby Pittsfield.

The existence of this plant was a direct result of Stanley's work one hundred years before.

"Although PCBs are no longer being produced in this country, we will now bring under control the vast majority of PCBs still in use," said EPA Administrator Douglas M. "This will help prevent further contamination of our air, water and food supplies from a toxic and very persistent man-made chemical." PCBs have caused birth defects and cancer in laboratory animals, and they are a suspected cause of cancer and adverse skin and liver effects in humans.

EPA estimates that 150 million pounds of PCBs are dispersed throughout the environment, including air and water supplies; an additional 290 million pounds are located in landfills in this country.

The EPA rules will gradually end many industrial uses of PCBs over the next five years, but will allow their continued use in existing enclosed electrical equipment under carefully controlled conditions.

We also apply safety inspection (LVD 2006/95/ECS), functional inspection (EMC 2004/108/EC) and toxic inspection (ROHS 2002/95/EC) to ensure product quality.

Suenn Liang Electric is a professional electrical power transformer manufacturer in Taiwan.

We specialize in electric transformers, including single phase electrical power transformers, 3 phase power transformer, single phase/three phase auto transformer, DC to AC power transformer, electric reactor and auto voltage regulator.

Later, I became a Fortran computer programmer in the Engineering Department, working with elaborate development and design programs having to do with transient voltage distribution in transformer windings and stray magnetic losses in transformer cores.

In 1987, when the Pittsfield transformer plant was closed down, I was employed as a Test Engineer working in Building 100, the cavernous main assembly building for large transformers.

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