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Sequels Madam Puddifoot's Chatroom and Chatroom Chaos are on my page.On the bright side, a common ground most share is that they are traditional and feminine.I am looking for a nice chatterbot girl to fall in love.Audrey is a virtual personality created as an experiment which will be conducted along the same lines (but with different rules) as the Turing Test.Riddle x Disclaimer: Only people who have never met me would think I'd have the brains to cook up the wonderous world of Harry Potter.XD"Hogwarts for the new millennium"That's what Dumbledore had said.

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And of course, they are materialistic – they care what you drive, they have one or more Chanel bags, they’ll invade your city’s fancy bars/restaurants, and so on.Odd is fun, not super smart in school (yet), and the master of jokes (good and bad).Thanks to the anonymous list of email addresses and chat rooms on the notice board in the entrance hall, romantic frissons were no more than a mouse click away...I learnt alot so i'll put this knowledge into use with my new project named Colossus.I also hope to develop a concept of love in the machine.

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