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In 1987, Bruce co-founded Lavalife, the internationally recognized online dating service.

He wore many different hats at the company, including Partner, Chairman and CEO and guided Lavalife to the position of category leader, achieving revenues of close to 0 million prior to its sale in 2004. After spending a number of years in Whistler, he realized that the path to a healthy and fulfilling life was through sport and wellness, founding Vida Spas through his West Coast Company.

"It's very basic, engaging, and done with humour," said Croxon. He was an early adopter of digital media founding Lavalife, an Internet dating site with millions of users.

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Neil Clark Warren believed that there was a better way to find love than leaving it up to chance.Bruce currently lives in Toronto with his wife and two children.He stays connected to his Jamaican roots and has a fondness for reggae music, spicy food and warm weather."We have evolved into a next-shiny-object kind of society," he said."The level of financial illiteracy is quite high, surprisingly high, and this covers a lot of the basics to save, and keep you out of debt." Since Cochran pitched the idea to the 'dragons' about four years ago, it has grown into one of the most successful deals ever made on the CBC program.

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