Is tucker chapman still dating monique

And to do that, you have to be -- have more of an education. KING: This was the vocabulary, "Dog," that you've had all of your life? KING: So you've had, would you say, a limited vocabulary, due to not a great education? CHAPMAN: Well, if I could -- I graduated from the seventh grade, you know. But to blame it on ignorance and unlearned, that's not -- no. I was talking to my son and bam, the next day -- this was in March, so about eight months ago this happened.

Mona Wood, spokeswoman for Duane and Beth Chapman, said the couple is currently in Los Angeles and will return to Honolulu this week and are not planning further interviews.

The humiliating fallout from his racial slur, recorded and sold by his own son.

Duane "Dog" Chapman responds live -- uncut, uncensored, unreal.

Tucker Chapman sold the tape to the National Enquirer of his father uttering a racial slur during a perceived private phone conversation."Dog the Bounty Hunter" was pulled from the A & E Networks line-up, the show suspended, and in the aftermath, many of the shows fans were none too happy with Tucker Chapman and his girlfriend, Monique Shinnery.

A spokeswoman for the Bounty Hunter and his family this morning confirmed the arrest, which was first reported by TMZ.

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