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I'm serious about the entrapment question; the second one, I guess, is rhetorical.

It makes sense when your job, budget, and prestige depend on making more arrests.

Unlike sites offering similar platforms for casual sex, Craigslist is instant and anonymous, and relies on its users to flag inappropriate content.

Despite, or perhaps because of, this community moderation, browsing for a sexual partner is as easy as seeking a flatmate. What goes through their mind as they step into a stranger’s home?

Under that law, websites that act as bulletin boards can't be sued for material posted by others.

People used to look in the back of newspapers for all kinds of things, but now the internet has taken over.

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The immunity provided by the Communications Decency Act is very broad, and although it does not cover criminal activity, it does cover prostitution ads on Craigslist.

The posters vary from curious first-timers to the openly unfaithful.

Their ages range between 18 and 67; the locations span every county in the country.

Daniel Eugene Kirschner, 28, apparently placed an ad online saying he was looking for a girlfriend.

He did not say he was looking for an girlfriend, mind you, nor did undercover Placer County cops pretend to be underage when they initially reached out to him.

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