Oracle updating cursor loop

If you use "insert into t values ( :x )", and bind the value of 1 -- then the next person that runs that insert will benefit from your work and run that much faster.

I have been trying to understand what is behind my extremely high library cache hit ratio (99.5%), yet relatively poor gethitratio of 60%.

In a previous Tech Republic column about SQL Server 2005, I showed how you can convert some of your iterative queries (cursors) to set-based operations in order to enhance performance.

You should take this approach in most circumstances, as you'll potentially see performance gains when switching from a looping construct to a set-based construct.

I'll take a closer look at each option and explain why it's difficult to pinpoint which is better in terms of performance.

Cursors are a looping construct built inside the database engine and come with a wide variety of features.

Oracle clears out any unneeded transactions in the rollback segment but eventually it fills up and the error occurs.

The decision not to cover the installation was made because the installation is different for each operating system, while I'd like to concentrate on the common features, the features that can be used across the whole range of supported systems.Describing installation on Unix or Linux and omitting Windows or VMS would open me for the accusations of being OS biased.As I really am biased toward one type of OS, I wanted to hide that fact and cover just the common parts.In addition to causing the contention, they will be HUGE cpu consumers.If you discover your applications do not use bind variables -- you must have this corrected.

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