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In current usage, the "reporting year" after the term "HEDIS" is one year following the year reflected in the data; for example, the "HEDIS 2009" reports, available in June 2009, contain analyses of data collected from "measurement year" January–December 2008. Increased attention to medical care for seniors prompted the addition of measures related to glaucoma screening and osteoporosis treatment for older adults.

Other health care concerns covered by HEDIS are immunizations, cancer screenings, treatment after heart attacks, diabetes, asthma, flu shots, access to services, dental care, alcohol and drug dependence treatment, timeliness of handling phone calls, prenatal and postpartum care, mental health care, well-care or preventive visits, inpatient utilization, drug utilization, and distribution of members by age, sex, and product lines.

Other ticks are larger and easier to find on the skin. These guidelines suggest patients on long term narcotic medications be monitored more closely by their primary care provider to evaluate the benefits and harm of continued opioid thera... Check off a few from the lists below, and start with tho...

Read More 18 March 2017 Controlling Your Triggers: Allergens For many people with lung problems such as asthma or COPD, inhaling allergens leads to inflamed airways. Do your best to avoid allergens that trigger symptoms.

We will discuss our ongoing work to protect patient privacy, secure information, and implement standards.

We’ll also be using the blog to provide additional information regarding our new grant programs.

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We intend to address a wide and diverse range of timely topics relevant to the “why’s and how’s” of efforts to support the secure and seamless exchange of electronic health information. Enhanced access through 24/7 communication for urgent issues that cannot wait until normal office hours.Monitoring of clinical quality measures and preventive services to ensure you are up to date with recommended services and standards of care.New measures in HEDIS 2013 are “Asthma Medication Ratio,” “Diabetes Screening for People With Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Who Are Using Antipsychotic Medications,” “Diabetes Monitoring for People With Diabetes and Schizophrenia,” “Cardiovascular Monitoring for People With Cardiovascular Disease and Schizophrenia,” and “Adherence to Antipsychotic Medications for Individuals With Schizophrenia.” HEDIS data are collected through surveys, medical charts and insurance claims for hospitalizations, medical office visits and procedures.Survey measures must be conducted by an NCQA-approved external survey organization.

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