Dating antique sewing machines

Consequently, you may have to try to use the model and serial numbers as you go through the process of dating the machine. The serial number will not be the same as the model number.

Typically, the serial number can be found on the lower backside or the underside of the machine.

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Several years ago, I was given an antique Singer treadle sewing machine that has been passed down through my family for a few generations.

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Singer sewing machines date to 1851 when Isaac Merritt Singer started a sewing machine company.

Her parents owned Pedron’s Fashion Fabrics in San Jose.

Murphy’s first sewing project was a smock dress, that just required the side seems be sewn. She uses the 45-year-old-plus model only when she needs to. She began seeking vintage sewing machines in late 2012. Murphy has crafted a quilt on each of her vintage sewing machines, including the Singer Hand Crank Toy Sewing Machine, which fits in a large-size plastic sandwich container. The machine easily attaches to airplane table trays.

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On some of the older models, which might have the brand name painted onto the finish of the machine, the lettering might be too scratched or faded to read.Carla Murphy demonstrates how to sew a quilt at her home in Vacaville, Wednesday.Murphy has a collection of antique sewing machines and she will bring them to the North Wind Quilters Quilt Show in Fairfield on March 25 and 26.My flat screen TV usually lives on top of the Singer cabinet, so I look at it every day.Perhaps someday I'll refurbish it, and when that happens, it will be important to know a little more about the machine.

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