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"SNL" held off on starting its 42nd season until the first presidential debate aired, and it turned out to be the right move.

Baldwin replaced Darrell Hammond as the man to play Trump, and his act quickly went viral.

And on Thursday, Ben Affleck was spotted with his new girlfriend for the first time while leaving their dinner date at Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles.

While hosting “Hook a Hunk,” Cena (as host Ryan Mack) managed to draw the attention of Bayer (as the bachelorette, Michelle) — who was supposed to be choosing one of the contestants — in ways he didn’t intend. “Well, for me, my favorite food is strawberries, because I’m sweet and I like to jam,” one said. “His last words were ‘Find the right girl’,” replied Cena, whistfully.

The conceit of this dating game lasted all of ten seconds, as Michelle was so entranced by Ryan that she asked him out just moments after coming on stage. While similar answers followed, Cena and Bayer became enraptured with each other, and their whirlwind conversation diverged into major tropes from old romance novels. The two completely forgot the other contestants by the end.

imagines Trump does – by turns threatening and fawning, with words and images coming through as if in a half-remembered dream.

And when he/we gazed in the mirror, the Trump staring back looks remarkably like John Cena.

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