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As Windows 10 will be re-released on a regular schedule, it will add new features to the operating system and conversely new GPO templates will be required to control that functionality on a domain level.Therefore you’ll probably find yourself doing these actions a couple of times a year if you are deploying Windows 10 current branch.Open an explorer window and navigate to \DOMAINNAME\sysvol\.Open up any subfolders until you are inside the policies folder.Martin also looks at Windows security—authentication and encryption—as well as the boot process, and concludes the course with a brief look at virtualization, networking, and backup and recovery.

The complexity and uncertainty of trying to figure out which updates you may have installed or missed is gone with Windows Server 2016.You cannot install Group Policy MMC consoles on Server Core; you must manage Server Core remotely using Group Policy MMC consoles on another computer, such as a Full installation of Windows Server 2008 or a computer running Windows Vista with RSAT installed.You can use WMI filters to ensure that the policy settings contained in a particular Group Policy Object (GPO) are applied only to Server Core installations.If the query evaluates as True, the GPO is applied; if the query evaluates as False, the GPO is not applied.You can manage local Group Policy on Server Core by using the Group Policy Object Editor running on a Full installation of Windows Server 2008 or on a computer running Windows Vista SP1.

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