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Even better than that, it can be used on site without needing to send samples away.

It seems that Dig Ventures weren’t the only ones promoting groundbreaking innovation last week.My friend tipping water all over the table was the most exciting thing that happened all night (they reacted like she’d just told them their Nan was dead), and after an hour propping up the conversation we made our excuses and left.The date the three of us had subsequently around the corner with much more compatible love interests - a plate of Serrano ham and a bottle of Rioja - was, however, delightful.The time it takes for one half of a radioactive isotope to decay is known as its ‘half-life.By knowing the half-life of C-14 and estimating how many C-14 atoms the organism contained before it died, we can calculate the age of an object or creature at time of death.

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