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I know there are many Canadians who feel that Canadians should speak both official languages, whether they need both or not. That fact that learning French has not been a priority in my life doesn’t mean I dislike French, or have any ill-will towards French. But, for an international traveller I think it it has to be agreed, English is a very handy bridge-language.In Korea I heard Japanese people speaking to Koreans in English (rather than in Japanese or in Korean); in Thailand I heard Germans speaking to Thais in English (rather than in Thai or in German); in India Indians conversing with other Indians in English rather than learning the over 200 languages in their country alone. Thanks for visiting my blog as I continue to enjoy the rich and vibrant city of Montreal. They were both about language tensions I’ve experienced in Montreal and how different neighbourhoods seem to differ greatly regarding that. ___________________________ I wrote two blog postings last week, but decided not to publish either one.These terms of service (“TOS”) are entered into between d.b.a.Secure Group (9217-0182 Quebec Inc) hereafter referred to as (“SG” , “we”, “us”, or “our”) and you (“Customer”, “you”, or “your”).Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!

That is to say, an English Canadian who speaks French very poorly is not always embraced with enthusiasm. In my life, I have not experienced enough necessity to learn French as to dedicate much resources to it. It’s not a personal thing, it’s just not something on which I have chosen to dedicate my focus. It’s not a status symbol, it’s not a means to judge one person better than another, it’s not a measure of someone’s place in society, it’s neither good nor bad.

I have been living in the UK most of my life - for the past 30 years in fact.

I belong to a culture that is very warm and welcoming and the reason we finally wish to leave is the lack of warmth, community or even common friendliness/sociability (in particular child friendliness) among the English population (the southern English are not world famous for being friendly ! I am a career woman (a lawyer) and love the UK for many reasons, but the warmth of the local population (we live in a particularly uptight southern predominantly white middle class English university town) is not something I can rave about with any honesty or integrity : ( I have heard that Quebec and Canada in general are friendly places.

Canadian cinema is rooted in realism and its attendant creative manipulation, beginning with the 1939 founding of the institution responsible for interpreting Canada to itself and the world, the National Film Board of Canada ( propaganda and nation-building.

One of the NFB’s post-war political shorts, Norman Mc Laren’s 1952 animated anti-war film Neighbours, may not seem to be a true documentary, were it not for the fact that it won an Oscar for best documentary short.

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