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Members said the reason for the ' chonge in wording Inspera wouia n^^ ... Von Spretl, 63, began shortly major alrporta In the Nuw York dimlk, ruled |2Q^ la a before the 4 p.m. Jetliner Returns, Abortion l,nw- HONOUJUI (un) -Threa we^ altar Hawa U'a new Ikw nttmlt Uni nborlloni took •(• , ta]t,lhe Mt^mai no official rp lon jlll and a ipokoiman lor hlin . Charles Armer/ Jnekpot; l Umdy Mc Cortii Ick, Iteiiliiiihl 'I\irnti Ktt, f^ra. Ktevttt Tuley iind Mrs, Ollii l Iuhn,uirilulil; Wllllitin IMliner liwd Mrs. 'She was Injured Friday while hrac Ilnnd Syrianforceswere '. The train fell from the Irlde's shoulders and was of organza and silk illusion with lace trim' and applique.

Usually the value of land is not included in physical capital as it is not a reproducible product of human activity.

31 6' Magic Valley's Home Newspaper TWIN FALLS-, IDAHO, SUNDa V, APRll, 5, 1970 Thousarids^rof^^ 1 WASHINGTON(UPI)-Thou- sands of- persons' singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" demonstrated peacefully In Washington Saturday against - what their leaders described as President Nixon's "no-win".' policy in Vietnam. (UPl lalepholo T LDS Head Deiiouiices Spirit (JF Oisruptiojci! scene Inside the eutted mnfiiui ahnut n Nnnmi D ih^ ^ ........ O lens further tallts can and will bless ; brotherhood of .man— and- drassed Saturday's two.general 5? ™ the gutted i^atted Tboirtali Sen Neoira denounced campus disorder, sessions. _ condems the deliberate racial mr ' O dtscrlmbiotton that la practiced Ille W ot CPS I and calla • ^ wllhoperatlons In the South and Aside from the , Chicago ^.,th4..t-^.-/. ^^^^ „h.rg,, it « i W' k\ii - ■ ^ '- TO ^'^ "Bailout" at a news' ionterence ^IZJ*^ } M ^ ■ rtisiiri'ixtiori, tht; i Hiiillfr mild Ih wai under.-itiii Hlii Mfl Oigt niwt sliuuld Uou Dt . .nlstratlon reported that the The convention started number of 'absentees— those the top post. Mormon conference, hi a key- note address, "It Is our hope and prayer that In all notions men may ll V9 In peace, respect- , Ing eaoi other's beliefs and forms of irorehlp, and that tlie si^rlt of unity and brotherhood may abound on evenrslde," I Smith, a respected doctrina- rlw) and church historian, said he believed It was an essontlal part of true worship "tp lovo unri hl KM and fellowahlii" all men as brottiers. Right up to me she came until ' her face was only Inches away from my leg. ddoptlon "Of a child In a cbuhlry w We'so many are homeless would be ' easy but It was nlnoteon months after ho rotumod homo before Kim could con^p to him, her reign In the hearts' and House of Chlnnock. ^L^l T„-*'L*if H Ut Uo oriental princess began campuses and high the muss media. thls'nonpanlsan effort Is" Education and Welfare would do Mgncd to harness the ' con- appoint an Advisory Committee Structivc efwrgic B ot youthful on Environmental Qualtly Americana to a crusade to halt Education to aid in Im- the- odvanc Uig decay of ther plemcntingthcprov Uionsoftho enblron^nonl, Art, Senator Nelson and' Representative Or Vol'Hanson Congressman MClosky suld lniror"Tn[rtni~ls~co"-Bpon8or' fo B Joint statement.

The crowd, eatimatcd by park police at 35^, staged "Ma re h f o f- '"" ' Pennsylvania Avei rallied Tor speeche! Monument ^om MOit MON CHURCH leader Jo Kph neldlng Smllti de Vvent Us tiist official message as head of 3 ml Uleii Monnons at the 140th aanaal coofereace now under way hi Salt Lake City. t/k Ktf, nl U be officially i Qstalaed by the membera Up Monday, final day of Ifae confercaec. ' ~^ racial discrimlna Uon and not -me Federal Aviation Adml- agalnat religlqn. ^ ilclta-wa^lrfe6ted^t^,-^nen,l--aprvtcea-will- be Benedlcfa Hospital and announcedhy the Hove Chapel. bolstering widespread antl- aefra Ufe "S "S clpatlon that when most are In, uiv Br Stor . jaee, , with " mi Rtttsti Kig" ^mitiunr available at-Room-13I la- the--,-- — _ Academ Ic^bj Uld Ing.,^.^..._i_He,,,your Mill M^^^ man. Instead, her eyes ,fltlll fixed on mine, she began ' tottering slowly toward me.

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