Serena williams coments about dating black men

When a celebrity gets engaged, it’s likely to be met with commentary from the peanut gallery from all sides.

Whoever decided to write this garbage does not know Serena Williams. I want to find out who is behind this, and have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It was just announced from various media sources and social media that the one and only Ms. She announced it today on Reddit with a cartoon picture of her and her fiancee Alexis Ohanian (who also happens to be the co-founder of Reddit) proposing to her and a poem sharing how the proposal went. Serena Williams, who also happens to be the greatest female athlete of this generation and ties the record for the most Grand Slam Single titles with a whopping 22 wins, there has been so much backlash and unnecessary hate that needs to be addressed.

With the announcement of her engagement comes the hate.

Serena began dating Mouratoglu, 42, after recruiting the Frenchman when she suffered her first ever opening round defeat in the French Open last year.

Since then he has guided her to her fifth Wimbledon title, an Olympic gold medal, her fourth US Open title and her second French Open title, and also lifted her back to world No 1 in the WTA rankings.

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