Dating deal breakers by zodiac sign

Like cutting the wings of the explorer and airbound Gemini :(Geminis are busy little bees that will pretty much try & explore every sex act imaginable. They are ok in bed as long as you keep the sex interesting, otherwise they are no strangers to bed hopping.

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Both of them value freedom, growth and independence in love relationship.Leos have to be the laziest lay of the Zodiac, sorry guys, plus along with Scorpio, which is the opposite in bed, make sex all about them. Cancer and Virgo are more about sensuality and romance.Aquarius is about meaningful sex, but usually don't mind experimenting.This is the crowned nymph on the Leo page, which I first discussed here back in 2015. For example: even though the Voynich Pisces zodiac page has “marc / mars” written over it, I suspect that the month accompanying it is in fact more likely (based on those places where Volkskalender B zodiac roundels accompany months) to be February. ), and then a little further assistance from (the now-retired) Professor Francis B.(Note that the Voynich Manuscript has two other crowned zodiac nymphs, one in Cancer and the other in Libra: but in both of these cases, the crown seems to have been added as a separate codicological layer.) If (as I’m currently wondering) the zodiac section is ultimately some kind of embellished Volkskalender month tables, then it might well prove to be that case that this crowned Leo nymph is flagging a saint’s day or a feast day that had particular significance to the Voynich Manuscript’s composer / author / compiler. In which case, one version (given on the German Cisiojanus Wikipedia page) of the February Cisiojanus rhyme is: “. Brévart himself, I believe I now have the basic literature framework in place that forms the backdrop to what we seem to be looking at.

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