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But that comic book was also cancelled after just seven issues.

This iteration of the comic book saw Black Panther and other black superheroes in the Marvel universe such as Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Storm and the former Avenger Manifold, trying to solve the death of a black woman named Ezra Keith who dies in police custody.

The photos were released in two sets and will be featured in the next issue of the magazine.

The first of the image sets features 20 images from the movie’s set.

Black Panther & The Crew, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and poet Yona Harvey, is just two issues into its run.

’”The image sets that Entertainment Weekly has revealed are portraits of the characters from the movie.

Each of the images features one of the important characters from the film.

Bashenga (paternal ancestor, deceased); Azzuri the Wise (paternal grandfather, deceased); Nanali (paternal grandmother, deceased); Chanda (paternal grandfather, presumably deceased); T'Chaka (father, deceased); S'Yan (uncle, deceased); N'Yami (mother, deceased); Ramonda (stepmother); N'Baza (uncle); Hunter (adopted brother); Jakarra (half-brother); Shuri (half-sister); Joshua Itobo (cousin); Khanata (cousin); Ishanta (cousin); Zuni (cousin); M'Koni (cousin); T'Shan (cousin); Wheeler (cousin by marriage, deceased); Billy Wheeler (1st cousin once removed); Kwezi Dzana (nephew); Storm (Ororo Munroe) (ex-wife, marriage annulled)Taifa Ngao, Panther Cult, Crew, Ultimates; formerly Board of Directors, Illuminati, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Force, Defenders, Secret Avengers (Civil War); sponsor of Mutantes Sans Frontières; His second mother, Ramonda, left the family when T'Challa was only eight.

T'Chaka believed Ramonda had run away with another man, and so decreed that no one would speak of her in his presence again.

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