Mount etna radiometric dating

Structure and development of a microcontinent; Elan Bank in the southern Indian Ocean, Geochem.

Effect of finite extension rate on melt generation at rifted continental margins, J.

Love and hate were considered principles of attraction and repulsion that alternately dominated the universe in a recurring cycle.

Empedocles presented a kind of biological theory of natural selection in an imaginative poem, On Nature.

Advocates for cold-blooded dinosaurs: the new generation of heretics.

Garden of the Gods at Colorado Springs: Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentation and tectonics.

Either God exists and He created us, or we are a product of time and chance.

Durango, CO: Four Corners Geological Society, 53-61.

Environmental isotopic investigation of ground-water movement and surface-water interactions, Royal Gorge arch, Colorado.

Heraclitus - Greek philosopher; first of the Greeks to develop a theory of the human soul; he praised its creative resources and spoke of the importance of self-exploration; he spoke of the logos that is common to all and said that the universe is ruled by logos; he always urged that close attention be given to the polarites and concealed structures emodied in language.

His famous claim that an idividual can and cannot step into the same river twice reveals an interest in criteria of unity and identity; even though all material constituents have undergone change, it is still, in a sence, the same river.

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