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An ancient weapon that predates modern civilization, the Great Sword draws upon the spark energy of its bearer, and as such must only be used in the most dire of circumstances. And us—the Decepticons have become something worse than any of us could have imagined. During one drug trip in the Dead End, he was assaulted by Sonic and Boom, who were abducting homeless people for money.Drift was rescued by Orion Pax, who brought him to Ratchet's secret clinic in Rodion.

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Moving forwards this was going to be an issue as we are looking to upgrade our entire business to Windows 10 CBB later in the year.He since went on to be an enthusiastic spiritualist and a self-punishing crusader, all in an attempt to get away from the nasty parts of his personality that are still lurking within him.It doesn't matter what his personality is because with his Decepticon past, Drift isn't well-liked or trusted by a few of the Autobots and some of the Decepticons think he's just lying about having changed. In fact, he slaughtered quite a few when he was known as the Decepticon Deadlock.But Deadlock's eyes were opened to what the Transformers' war had become when he stumbled across a lost faction of neutral Transformers long since forgotten.

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