My xbox keeps updating games

I’ve had this problem myself in the past, and thought I’d try and help by offering these free tips/guides from my own experiences, as well as providing some information I have found through research.Below is a list of things to check/try in order to help fix your Xbox 360 freezing problems.This is probably the most obvious tip to check, but when worrying about the fate of your console it can be easy to bypass such things.The first thing to check when your Xbox 360 is freezing up is which game you are playing.If there's some sort of problem with update detection, then it may fix it. When it gets full it has to delete some to make room.It won't delete your online rankings, that sort of stuff isn't even saved to your 360. So if you play alot of diff games you will have to download the same updates again. I try to download the update and it gives me a message telling me to check my xbox live connection, I know for sure its fine but it still wont let me update and keeps giving me the same message that the update failed. It keeps prompting the update and then when I hit "Yes, update now" it takes me to a black screen that says "Cant download the update.

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Any other help is really appreciated ty There's a chance that doing it once may fix it for good.

You will have to download the updates all over again at least one more time though, since clearing the cache does delete them all as Ren said.

If the game freezes in the same place/area/timing as previously it could be due to an error on the disc, a glitch, or a corruption in your Xbox 360 cache or game save. If the game freezes in a different area/timing to before, it is time to try another game.

I’d try playing about two or three more games to see what happens (to get an average result).

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