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The film was shot over a five-day period with the cast improvising from a scene-by-scene outline, and while it does have its clichéd moments (and what rom-com doesn’t?) it also feels fresh and honest, with the central relationship between Laura Haddock and Dylan Edwards especially tender and sparky.The film, which has had a smattering of screenings in the UK prior to a VOD platform, is worth checking out.

Also allowed out in Episode 6: Compeyson’s arse, as he provocatively exposes himself to the sexually-repressed Arthur and our prying eyes. It’s a prurient pre-watershed moment that is blatantly trying to pre-empt Season 2 of in the category of ‘Historical Fiction’s Most Hench, 2016’. What with this, and Rossy P, and Lady W in 2015, Auntie Beeb has reacquired a taste for the ‘gertcha-bummout! 70-odd words about Tom Weston-Jones’ bottom is far too much verbal ogling, especially when Weston-Jones continues to make good work of teetering a pretty one-note character on the right side of human and interesting.

At the Conservative HQ’s Unity Unit is Oliver (award-winning comedian Jack Dee), a volatile ex-hack who regularly enjoys winding up his sensitive colleague Sarah (Claire Skinner, Outnumbered), who employs laboured metaphors in, what her colleagues might unkindly term, her ‘psychobabble’.

Also at the HQ is Tony (Anthony Calf, New Tricks), a fence-sitter and veteran ‘survivor’ of Tory party politics.

Nothing huge, not just yet anyway, just ‘in between the pages’ moments to show this a world of greater depth than its impressive set.

Speaking of an impressive set, back to Compeyson who, now that he has miss Havisham’s interest, plays hard to get.

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