Definition updating software

An interactive album feature allows the member's contacts (who are called generically called "friends") to comment on each other's photos and identify (tag) people in the photos.

Another popular profile component is status updates, a microblogging feature that allows members to broadcast short Twitter-like announcements to their friends.

5) On the World Wide Web, a channel is a preselected Web site that can automatically send updated information for immediate display or viewing on request. 6) In computer and Internet marketing, a channel is a "middleman" between a product creator and the marketplace.

Value-added resellers (VAR) and retail store chains are examples of channels in this context.

In computing, a Trojan horse is a program that appears harmless, but is, in fact, malicious.

The term comes from Greek mythology about the Trojan War.

When the user downloads the Trojan horse, the malware that is hidden inside is also downloaded.

There is no limitation on quantity, but Facebook staff will remove inappropriate or copyrighted images.In information technology, the term channel is used in a number of ways.1) In telecommunications in general, a channel is a separate path through which signals can flow.In web portal design, taxonomies are often created to describe categories and subcategories of topics found on the website.The categorization of words on What Is is similar to any web portal taxonomy.

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