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It eliminates the hassle of emailing yourself attachments and running into size limits.People can use Dropbox through the desktop app, mobile apps or via the web.Security experts recommend the use of a password manager to generate, store and manage strong, unique passwords for all online accounts.The breach only affects those Dropbox users who have not changed their passwords since 2012.If you do not, you can either click on the "I'm New to Dropbox" option, or you can see our Mac/Windows Dropbox instructions for guidance on how to sign up through a web browser.)1) If you are interested in having your i Phone's photos automatically uploaded and saved to Dropbox, then click “Enable” on the top right corner.2) A box will then pop-up saying “Dropbox would like to Access Your Photos”.Inside the tool bar, there are four icons to choose from that perform different functions: A) the first one from the left is a shortcut to your dropbox folder B) the next is a shortcut to the photo-uploading service C) the third takes you to your designated favorite (starred) files D) the final icon on the right is a portal to the dropbox settings.

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Locate the tool bar on the bottom of the app screen.The app will display special icons to let you know what's happening.You'll see icons in a few different places: A green circle with a check mark is a wonderful thing and what you'll see most often.According to a Tele Sign report, 47% of online account holders rely on a password that has not been changed for five years.Dropbox has also updated the way it stores its passwords multiple times since 2012 – including updating its password hashing mechanisms to bcrypt from SHA-1 – so any subsequently changed passwords have several layers of protection.

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