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Urban cores have aged, prompting the need for interior renovation of still viable building shells.More importantly, an increasing complexity associated with the building interior — in workplace, healthcare, institutional and other types of environments — required an increased expertise and an increased level of specialization in professional services.Our account features rely on cookies and we use cookies to track use of third party advertising.By continue using our website you agree that cookies can be used for improved experience.FIDM offers 26 accredited Bachelor’s and Associate Degree programs in design and creative business.Our students collaborate on special Industry Partner Projects with brands like bebe, Murad, Athleta, Signal Snowboards, Lacoste, GUESS, and TOMS.

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The CTE Advisory Handbook document outlines Advisory (craft) Committee establishment, selection processes, leadership, and techniques to maximize the impact of Advisory Committees for local program areas.

A look at how the two disciplines intersect, and how to best approach them as educators and professionals For several decades now, architecture and interior design have struggled with how and where they intersect as professions and as academic disciplines.

To the extent that this struggle continues to be defined by two opposing and irreconcilable points of view, it promises to continue into the foreseeable future with little meaningful change.

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