Orthodox christian dating

The largest denomination of the church is Coptic Orthodox of Alexandria followed by Armenian and Syriac Orthodoxies.

The church in Egypt was founded by Saint Mark, an apostle and evangelist, in the year 42 AD.

The Oriental Orthodoxy have close beliefs but practice separate religious rites with the Oriental Orthodoxy being more diverse than the conservative Eastern Orthodox Church.

The current Georgian constitution recognizes the church’s role but specifies its independence from the state.

Peter the Apostle established a bishopric in Antioch and became its first bishop. In the mid of the 5th century, the Bishop of Antioch, and his counterparts in Alexandria, Byzantium and Rome, would be called patriarchs.

The Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch used to be known by his own name; however, since 1293 the patriarchs of Antioch adopted the name Ignatius, after the Illuminator.

This stands in contrast to the country's history pre-1921, when it was the official state religion.

The majority of Christians in Egypt are members of the Oriental Orthodox Church, constituting about 3.9 million believers.

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