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Phone cards are products designed to connect you to local and international destinations at significantly lower rates than using your local operator.

When you use a phone card, you're using a special access number (800 toll free number or, if available, a local access number) to call anyone, anywhere in the world.

Your new number is on the card attached to your SIM as shown below: Step 4 – Accept our Network Settings Before you start, we’ll send you some settings to help you get online.

The first time you try to access the internet through the browser on your mobile, we’ll send you this text message: From 3: We’re about to send you settings so you can access the internet and use picture messaging. Once you receive the settings and accept them; we’ll send you this: From 3: If you accepted the settings we sent you, you can now use the internet & picture messaging.

They may charge a fee for this – you'll need to contact them for details. Step 3 – Insert your SIM You’ll find instructions for this in your phone user guide.

You usually have to remove the back cover and battery to insert your SIM.

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If you believe this is an error, please contact our finance department at (866-620-8392).

Please correct any information that you believe may be incorrect.

The available balance and minutes will also be announced by the prompt every time you place a call.

If you are using Nobel App, you can also see your remaining Nobel App Credit and Deals in Settings, "Nobel App History".

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