Who is collie buddz dating

— Download HERE (on The Pier homepage) Produced by legendary producer Supa Dups, Collie Buddz first album in 10 years features the smooth vocals and familiar dancehall sound that led to Collie Buddz’ rise.Supa Dups was behind some of Collie Buddz’ biggest hits to date, including “Good Life is an album that is a reflection of my life the last 10 years.His name is based on slang for cannabis, and he has been photographed He launched his own record label 'Harper Digital.' Buddz has built an extensive touring machine, selling out venues across the US and worldwide.In 2013, he was a featured act with Rebelution, Matisyahu and Zion I on the Good Vibes tour.Born in New Orleans, raised on the isle of Bermuda with intermittent stays in urban Toronto, Colin Harper is not an easy youth to pin down geographically.

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but as far as their type of music goes, I feel Collie Buddz has earned his ranks among them.

Felt the same way about Sean Paul until I heard albums. Don't know the politically correct name to call artists like Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Tanya Stephens, Wayne Wonder, Cham, Sasha, Kevin Little, ect. Still a couple jewels on it, but not as "all the way thru listeneable" as it 1st seemed. Well, I've listened to Collie Buddz album AND seen him in concert...

After 10 years, Collie Buddz finally released a brand new, 10-track album on May 19th with Good Life.

Still reeling from that release, we’re honored to feature track 10 on that record with “Glass House” that’s available for FREE this week only.

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