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This all looks very nice and we’re sure having all that noise making equipment away from the house is a blessing, Your Mama and the Dr.

The very pale blue master bedroom, large market umbrella strung with Christmas lights.She was taking a rare break between gigs, which lately have included shooting a hit Cooking Channel show (, in which Mazar helps a 40-year-old friend pass herself off as 26. Your looks are part of your entire package — brains, talent, creativity and experience — so why not use everything?With a pedigree like that, I couldn’t resist peppering the famously salty-tongued Mazar with questions on how she lives her life with passion and purpose. My husband is eight years younger than I am, but it doesn’t mean a thing.” Get the latest on weight loss, diets, brain health and more — AARP Health Newsletter » Mazar started out as a makeup artist and a hip-hop dancer (she appeared in five Madonna videos), and her classic good looks — sexy but feminine and super-groomed — are instantly recognizable, whether she’s hopping out of a cab in Brooklyn, whipping up a tiramisu or scouring the Tuscan countryside for fresh ingredients.The adult daughter of a two moms writes that kids of gay parents are “hurting.” Seriously.has a great piece on Barb Webb, the new mom who was fired from her Catholic High School teaching job for being a lesbian.

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    The Christian Connection discussion boards are a popular way to share stories, advice and opinions about life as a single Christian.

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    Although no display area has been set up for these recently revealed clocks, one may be in the future, if people are interested in seeing them, said the museum's curator, Stuart Mitchell.