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You can install a new version over the old version without losing any of your settings (you may have to re-download some of your add-ons) Next open “Settings & Preferences” under the “Application” tab Now make sure that “create mymovies/xml copy for old version of Media Browser” is checked.

Now MCM will add a “movie.xml” and “mymovies.xml” metadata file for each movie or tv show in your library that can be read and used by Media Browser If you look in your media folders you will see that you now have both “movie.xml” and “mymovies.xml” metadata files. As a bonus should these programs change what is required in the future you will have both type of xml files already in your media folders.

Pop-up after closing Gom have been removed and still having problem with playing realmedia (.rmvb) video even after install Real Alternative.

But now I found a workaround to play video as follows: 1.

then,on the "Filter Rendering Method" check the "Advanced" box.

Tried downloading who knows what to get it right, tried playing around with the preferences. Better media players out there where I can simply play a DVD without frustration.

The odd thing was that the error only came up when browsing video or picture files, not any other type of file.

After doing some research, we managed to fix the problem, but had to try a couple of different things before it finally worked.

Video Lan released VLC Media Player featuring fixes and security hardening for the most part today to the stable channel.

VLC users may check the version of the media player with a click on Help Check for updates.

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