Outlook 2016 sharepoint calendar not updating

New: Office Calendar lets you share Outlook calendar, contact & task information without Exchange Server.Easy, affordable and effective; download free trial version at Real-time synchronization, Internet sharing, shared personal and public folders in Outlook. This feature allows you to email all or part of your calendar, or publish it to the Internet or any a WEBDAV server.To add the events to your personal Outlook calendar, follow the instructions below.For many offices, the most frustrating experience related to Microsoft Outlook is finding out that, unless you are using Microsoft Exchange Server, there is no simple, built-in, reliable method for sharing contacts and calendars.However, two people cannot work from the same Personal Folders file at the same time, because these files are not designed for shared access.The same problem occurs if two people try to look at the same Personal Address Book.One thing to note: if you upgrade to a new i OS (the i Phone's operating system; the latest version is called i OS 8), you may experience a broken sync.If this happens, remove the subscribed calendar and repeats the steps above to get the sync set up again.

Overlay Mode is the feature where you can actually place these Calendar “on top of each other” to create a aggregated view which looks like a single Calendar.

Some meetings show the time being - instead of 10-. Try opening Outlook for the user on a different machine and verify that it isn't a borked install of Outlook on that particular workstation. To fix it I simply click the reset view under the view category.

I have removed all items from the calendar and allowed it to resync, same issue. As far as I can remember, OWA is pulling the same info that Outlook would, so there shouldn't be any reason for the two to show different things.

But when viewing it in Outlook 2010 the meetings and appointments are all wrong.

Some are on the wrong dates, some take up an entire day. The user must have changed the view of the calendars in Outlook.

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