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Q: Why does it say that the EA server is unavailable but the website says it's online? We probably already know it's broke and it should be resolved soon. Q: Why does my game close-out without warning when joining a server? Q: How do I add friends or check my server history? The experience is calculated separately than levels, so after you level up you might get your original level back.

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Restart the game and you should be playing on the official servers. A: If you are getting the disconnected message, make a new soldier with the same name as your forum account. A: Ping has never been displayed correctly, not even on EA servers.

Q: Why does it say that the EA server is unavailable? It probably was caused by upgrades, restarts, bug fixes, and/or us working our buts off for you. The only way to find out the real ping of the servers is to ping them manually. A: The only thing you can do is to join a server and try to gain one level.

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Go to the new Clubs & LFG forum and vote for your favorite ideas!A.'s servers in order to allow you to experience the game on a fully liberated environment, with support for private server hosting, modifications, and more! Stay tuned for cool new capabilities such as offline/LAN support, extended features and more! After you have downloaded the required files you need to extract them into your Battlefield: Bad Company 2 directory (where BFBC2resides). A: No, because we hook the client with the dinput8file.In order to play you need an Emulator Nexus account and a fully up-to-date Bad Company 2 installation (you can update by simply launching BFBC2) Q: What version of the game should I be using? Make sure not to use any cracks or modified game executables. Q: I get an error about KERNEL32when starting the server.Wer seine Klasse zielgerichtet spezialisieren möchte, kann das bald auch in Battlefield 1 tun: Die Perks kommen zurück!Sie sollen vielfältigeres Gameplay fördern, Teamplay begünstigen und mehr taktische Tiefe fördern. Sieben klassenübergreifende Spezialisierungen und je zwei klassenspezifische sollen zunächst zur Verfügung stehen, wovon auch einige kombinierbar sein werden.

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