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Apesar de nunca ter tido formação médica, o meu caro colega tinha um método de trabalho muito semelhante aos usados nas histórias clínicas.Quando observava um caso de novo começava com perguntas abertas que iam afunilando até chegar a perguntas muitas vezes bizarras mas que apontavam directamente para a suspeita.The first comment in the report is on how fat Bonaparte’s body appeared and an inch and a half of fat was discovered over his abdomen. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle worked as Bell’s clerk at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, where he witnessed his use of close observation in making a diagnosis.Conan Doyle went on to base Holmes’ deductive powers on the observational skills displayed by Bell.In 1883, when Freud, aged 27, first became interested in cocaine, he was struggling to make a living and repay his debts, and a future in psychiatry was the last thing on his mind.His curiosity about the drug was aroused by two reports on the stimulant action of cocaine, one published in 1859 by an Italian neurologist, Paolo Montegazza, who had himself experimented with coca leaves and believed that they improved digestion and increased mental alertness and physical vigour.

Por coincidência, cruzei-me com o velho Stamford, que, por sua vez, me apresentou a um indivíduo, de nome Sherlock Holmes, que também procurava um colega de casa.Widely considered a British cultural icon, the character and stories have had a profound and lasting effect on mystery writing and popular culture as a whole, with the original tales as well as thousands written by authors other than Conan Doyle being adapted into stage and radio plays, television, films, video games, and other media for over one hundred years.Conan Doyle repeatedly said that Holmes was inspired by the real-life figure of Joseph Bell, a surgeon at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, whom Doyle met in 1877 and had worked for as a clerk.Even given the information that at the time - the late 1880s - he was a young, debt-ridden, Jewish doctor in Vienna, anxious to find some means of achieving fame and fortune.It is still something of a shock to learn that his name was Sigmund Freud.

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