Missy elliot dating tweet

A close friendship with Elliott led to Keys contributing backing vocals to 2001’s “Miss E... I was drinking every day, smoking three packs of cigarettes.

I'm fine with who I am and secure as the woman and artist. Spiritually, mentally, I'm just in this whole other place, and I'm excited and I'm ready for whatever is to come.Well if you haven’t heard, Tweet looks EXACTLY like she did about 15 years ago and when she stands next to her daughter you can barely tell who’s the mother and who’s the child.Legendary actor, Wesley Snipes, has just addressed a decades old topic that many Prince and Michael Jackson fans have often wondered about: How did he end up getting his first breakout role in MJ’s “Bad” ?On a fall afternoon last year, Tweet was at a Hollywood recording studio playing songs that were set for inclusion on “Charlene,” her first album in over a decade. Her smile was wide as she played stirring, soulful tracks such as "Priceless," "Neva Shouda Left Ya" and a new single, "Magic," that recalled her stellar 2002 debut. I couldn’t hit anymore rock bottom than I already did. I focused on being grandma, mom, daughter, best friend -- just living. You know Missy and I, we have a lot of records in the vault -- we could just sit and play so many records that people haven’t heard.

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