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Entering the magical show at Stern Pissarro from the busy street, the eyes and…

That tender exchange between the pair on the floor of the carriage, and that slow motion sequence with Albert rushing towards the palace door cradling his wife in his arms… The capacity of Coleman and Hughes to make us have as much affection for their characters’ relationship as the characters have for each other was nothing short of excellent.These were spread over France, Italy, the Empire, Lorraine, England, Scotland, and Poland.According to the "Bibliotheca Cluniacensis" (Paris, 1614) 825 houses owed allegiance to the Abbot of Cluny in the fifteenth century.There was passion, an attempt at regicide, a heartbreak and even a royal birth!Nothing short of brilliant, and jam-packed with drama it was too. The central relationship between Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes) came back to the fore once again this week, and delivered on every level: it amused us, it entertained it us and it even made us cry a bit – well, a lot.

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