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The Philadelphia native also penned the 1962 pop song "Palisades Park," a tribute to the old amusement park in New Jersey that was a hit for Freddy Cannon and figured high on Barris' list of career achievements.With his innovative shows, Barris changed the face of reality TV but was derided but critics who nicknamed him "The King of Schlock," "The Baron of Bad Taste" and "The Ayatollah of Trasherola." On , which aired on NBC and in syndication in daytime and primetime from 1976-80, amateurs took to the stage to demonstrate their so-called talent in front of three celebrity judges. Barris' original idea had been to create a show that featured fine performers, but in his search for talent, he frequently encountered awful acts.If you’re looking to sell old Why isn’t my favorite TV show on Me-TV (or Cozi TV, or Decades, or Antenna TV)?Television Obscurities is not affiliated with any television network or cable channel.

I was sitting with [Flyers owner] Ed Snider, hoping this game would get my mind off things. He thought Confessions would restore his reputation.

Can you send me copies of my favorite obscure TV show? Although you probably can’t get a copy, at least you might be able to go and watch the episode.

I am unable to provide copies of TV shows, even ones featured here at Television Obscurities. Please check Amazon and TVShows On DVD to see if your favorite obscure or short-lived TV show is available on VHS or DVD. Another option would be to try to track down the production company or current copyright holder.

"All my shows were canceled in one lump sum," says Barris, 73.

"I made a movie called The Gong Show Movie that was a disaster. When I went to see it, the ticket-taker said to me, 'You're not going to stay for this one. But he was right - at a certain point people started to get up and leave in droves. " For Barris, who has always been hypersensitive to rejection, the South Philly serenade was devastating.

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