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He’s like, ‘No, I want a full on choreographed routine,’” she shared.

“He’s always wanted to dance.” She continues, “I remember actually he bought this country line dancing DVD and he showed me right when we first started dating because he’s always wanted to dance so he’s like, ‘Hey will you teach me this move.’ So I’m teaching him and as we are doing it he’s like, ‘Well she doesn’t do it like that.’ I was like, ‘Well, I’m a champ.’” Sounds like it turned into a little squabble about the whole thing.

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I think this in turn kind of confused Joe who probably thought that any girl would automatically fall for him, and then when they really started to become best friends it got even more tricky in terms of threatening a friendship.

, Julianne revealed that the couple will actually have a choreographed wedding dance — and it was all Brooks‘ idea.

“I was always under the impression we would just get up there and do a little side to side dancing.

But Camp Rock viewers only had about 5.5 million on its SECOND rerun.

Merchandise of the film is sold at Target, Claires, and Limited Too.

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