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Take a look at the Great Date Handbook – Episode 1: Top Five Romantic Movies and see the examples given below.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) This kiss is the grand finale of the film’s final scene, which involves Andie Mc Dowell’s character, Carrie, arriving at the London home of Hugh Grant’s bumbling English character, Charles.

As a filmic finale, a lingering kiss is a simple, yet powerful, conduit for the release of romantic and sexual tension.

First introduced in the silent movies of the late 19th century, the archetypal kissing couple continues to provide viewers with vicarious satisfaction and more than a few happy tears.

born 6 August 1982) is an English actress, writer, and director.

He was born to Alejandro Luna, a Mexican set designer and Fiona Alexander, a British costume designer.

She shot to fame at around the same time as Keira Knightley, who was in an adaptation of Doctor Zhivago when Romola was a luminous Gwendolen Harleth in an adaptation of the George Eliot classic Daniel Deronda.

She has campaigned for supermarkets to ban ‘lad mags’, calling them ‘fanzines for misogyny’, and espoused other right-on causes — fighting for the release of dissident Russian pop band Pussy Riot, for instance.

He cast Romola as the leading lady in Having You, a film that he wrote and directed, about a man who proposes to his girlfriend, only to then discover that he has a seven-year-old son from a previous relationship.

“Getting married isn’t just about an elaborate party where you get to be the centre of attention all day,” she said.

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