Dating bad girl

And they’re not the best of partners for a long term relationship either.But yet, there’s something about the allure of a bad girl that makes every guy secretly admire her and want her.There are good girls that guys want to introduce to their mother.And then there are bad girls that every guy secretly desires and fantasizes about. After all, bad girls are unpredictable, frustrating and fickle.She is beautiful and gave me my first child," he wrote.For more on the Rob & Chyna stars' tumultuous relationship, check out the video below.A ‘badgirl is one who is the opposite of a shy, demure, stereotypical Indian nari.She is certainly not a bad person, but her idea of what is good / bad may not necessarily fall in line with the Indian definition of good / bad.

There is none of the usual ‘I am a pretty proper princess’ drama going on in her head.

Guys value women who can take care of themselves and don’t need a lot of help.

A man will settle down with the woman who doesn’t need him in her life, but chooses to have him anyway.

A ‘badgirl is NOT your ticket to sex, so get that notion out of your head before you start to read the advantages of dating a ‘badgirl.

The one thing that you will never encounter in your relationship with a ‘badgirl is boredom.

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