Error validating location sex dating in chatham pennsylvania

The attributes [MCO1459-MTRS, MCO1459-ANTIG, MCO1459-BATHQTY, MCO1459-HABPISO] are required for category MCO1468.

Hi Stphane, If you get 403 you probably have access right problems. Maybe the user that Apache runs as, can't access that directory ? -----Original Message----- From: Stphane Mangeot [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 PM To: [email protected]: Can't access the repository by file:, svn:, ...

no me reconoce el "location" a pesar de que envio el barrio con su respectivo id NERTQ2MDYy OA y me retorna el siguiente error de validación: The attributes [MCO1459-MTRS, MCO1459-ANTIG, MCO1459-BATHQTY, MCO1459-HABPISO] are required for category MCO1468.

Check the attribute is present in the attributes list or in all variation attributes combination.

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Here is a detailed list of what I do : * in * uncomment the line : Load Module dav_module modules/mod_* add the line Load Module dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_* set the servername to my Computer Domain (i've try with localhost and localhost:80 too) * Add those lines after the commented "Location" lines : * with * svnadmin create c:\Subversion Repositories\rep1 that's works, i've all subversion files in my directory.

I know that my Eclipse can connect to the Internet, because I downloaded Subclipse earlier (I had to change my proxy settings).

I get a similar message for other SVN locations I've tried to add. This is a dead topic, but the solution is to install a client adapter along with Subclipse.

I think I'm doing exactly what I did successfully in another installation, but I get the following error: Any ideas?

I tried it with your settings and it works fine for me. Another option for getting the sources would be to use the Git mirrors (at the very bottom of with EGit. The settings also work fine for me in another Eclipse on the same machine, so I don't think it's a firewall issue.

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