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This article explains the most common issues related to Web Resource utilization and the Telerik UI for ASP. Sometimes your page loads and that rich server side control does not work at all — the tree view does not expand, the grid cannot sort etc.

NET server control with rich client-side behavior it is likely built to utilize web resources.

In case of disagreement between these conformance methods, note that: Also, note that static testing of resource content is not enough to prove conformance to the specification.

For further information, see FHIR Conformance Testing .

Note that XSLT2 is required to run the schematrons.

This can be very helpful for gaining a deeper understanding of the accessibility of your website or application: When testing web pages and IT products with assistive technologies, it is important to be aware that no two assistive technology (AT) products are alike.

The following sections describe ways to find out what is causing that error message.

There are several ways to see what the Web Resource error is: The fastest way would be to view the rendered output of your page and get the URL of the offending script tag.

Note that all these validation methods are incomplete; they can only validate the computable aspects of conformance, but there are always additional rules made in narrative that they are not able to check (e.g.

a rule such as "All the clinically important content in the data SHALL be in the narrative", which might be made in an implementation guide, but could never be checked by a conformance tool).

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