Validating address change credit bureau

Most organizations and companies that report information to credit bureaus do so on a monthly basis.However, creditors are not required to report information, so it’s possible that you could have a mortgage, auto loan, or other debt not included on your credit report at all.If the validity can not be verified, you are obligated by law to remove the item.There is a clear case of unverified debt here, and I urge you to remove this item before I am forced to take legal action.Although no time limit is specified for them to validate, they cannot continue collection activities until they provide such information.Sometimes, collection agencies will stop collection activities and return the account to the original creditor rather than validate the debt, which is perfectly legal.This is important to you, and you want to make sure that the information contained as part of your credit report is accurate. Additionally, you may note inaccuracies in the address that is reported, and you may need to correct that.Has a debt collector ever contacted you about a debt that you weren’t sure was yours?

The FCRA requires you to verify the validity of the item within 30 days.This letter is part of our information on debt validation.We have other sample letters to handle a variety of credit situations. Date Your Name Your Address Credit Bureau Bureau Address RE: Account XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX To Whom it May Concern, I am writing to dispute the account referenced above.I have disputed this account information as inaccurate with you, and you have come back to me and stated you were able to verify this debt. Under the laws of the FDCPA, I have contacted the collection agency myself and have been unable to get them to verify that this is indeed my debt.I enclose copies of my requests to the collection agency, asking them to validate my debts, and the receipts showing that I sent these letter certified signature request.

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