Todd lasance dating jessica tovey

Belle was quick to pick up where she had left off with Ric, spending time with him and eventually planting a kiss on him in front of his girlfriend Cassie.

Her scheming paid off with Ric and Cassie splitting and Ric and Belle getting together soon after.

‘We have fallen instantly, totally and utterly head over heels in love with her on a level that I couldn't possibly ever put into words.

Lasance filmed his final scenes on 11 December 2009.Her adopted parents, the strictly religious David and Judith Taylor had bought her up in a very controlled and over-disciplined manner and as a teenager Belle had rebelled against their conservative lifestyle, getting in with the wrong crowd, busking on the streets and rejecting Susan, the name they gave her.Belle was first seen in Summer Bay when Ric found her living rough in the bush and befriended her, bringing her food and even hiding her out in his bedroom.Todd James Lasance (born 18 February 1985) is an Australian actor recognised for his roles in several Australian television productions including Home and Away, Cloudstreet, Underbelly and The Great Mint Swindle.He has also appeared in several American television productions including The Vampire Diaries as Julian, Gaius Julius Caesar in Spartacus and as Edward Clariss/Rival in The Flash.

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