How to move from dating to exclusive

I am very happy (and he said that he is happy when he is with me) and like him the more I get to know him.

He’s attentive (he texts and chats with me online every day), affectionate, asks me out regularly (we have seen each other multiple times every week since we met), and makes time for me (he has a lot of interests and activities).

For instance, during conversation, he might say "I like to do XYZ with my girlfriend..the girl I'm dating..."In the big scheme of things, it's not a big deal - but I am curious. No reason to bring it up if things are going well and there isn't a concern that he's seeing other people anyways. Or did he say or do something to make you think he isn't as serious as you are?

It’s important to remember, however, that nobody escapes matters of the heart completely unscathed.“I'm building my Skinnygirl business, I've created a charity, I have a daughter, so sometimes, dating seems like you're really not going to be able to fit it in.” MORE: Bethenny Frankel Spills on Rumored Romance With Alex Rodriguez Frankel and Shields split earlier this year, but he’s still featured on the current season of . “I had a rough spot, and I'm so blessed in so many ways that I couldn't believe how debilitating it was for me. WATCH: Bethenny Frankel Dishes On Co-Parenting “Sometimes it's empowering,” the 46-year-old says of the constant media attention. I mean, if people are really spending time talking about you, you must be doing something so right that it's just bothering them so badly that they have to try to say something negative.” “I don't really think about haters and things like that,” she continues. “When B Strong came out, and people just heard, 'Oh, it's a charity about women in crisis?Which brings us to a notion that I articulated in which has a funny way of always resurfacing on this blog: “Men look for sex and find love.” This doesn’t mean he’s a player or a liar or a loser. The way he figures out if he really wants to be in a relationship with you is based on the quality time you spend talking over that first month or two.This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be a good husband and father one day. This is completely separate from his desire to sleep with you.

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