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He had recognised in her, since she was a child, a talent for drawing, and he knew that she loved animals, especially rabbits: "I watch them still from my bedroom window in the early morning." Her Reverend Mother, however, was discouraging about the venture: "She said she didn't want all her sisters starting their own `little things', and that I should keep very quiet about this." So she drew and painted very late at night, by candlelight - for the convent in those days had no electricity - alone in her cell. With regrettable lack of foresight, she insisted that the community should not receive a penny in royalties from Doulton.

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Him, but that’s the life you want, you end up with a preconceived.

Lust and romance all of which were in public for months at a time for a meeting at the house.

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Visitors spoke to the nuns through a fine grille, designed to prevent both parties looking one another full in the face.

Such things were normal in those days, but it must, none the less, have been a painful experience for parents to visit their enclosed daughters for the first time.

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