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Used in this manner ETags are similar to fingerprints, and they can be quickly compared to determine whether two representations of a resource are the same.

The use of ETags in the HTTP header is optional (not mandatory as with some other fields of the HTTP 1.1 header).

For example, for a user with a subscription to a monthly magazine that publishes a new issue on the first day of each month, consider the timeline shown in To provide access to all the content a customer is entitled to, keep a record of the date that each piece of content is published.

Read the Original Purchase Date, Purchase Date, and Subscription Expiration Date field from each receipt entry to determine the start and end dates of each subscription period.

You can also define whether fields are visible or editable by users, and create rules to automatically calculate and populate their values, for example based on other fields.

And all this logic runs in the background, as users interact with your forms, providing them with immediate feedback.

is able to craft the input in a form that is not expected by the rest of the application.

This will lead to parts of the system receiving unintended input, which may result in altered control flow, arbitrary control of a The "input validation" term is extremely common, but it is used in many different ways.

Note: Don’t calculate the subscription period by adding a subscription duration to the purchase date.

An ETag is an opaque identifier assigned by a web server to a specific version of a resource found at a URL.

If the resource representation at that URL ever changes, a new and different ETag is assigned.

Orbeon Forms is your solution to build and deploy web forms.

It handles large forms with complex validation and extensive collections of forms, all situations typical of the enterprise or government.

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