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As for Leon Dash Jr.'s death, police say they are still searching for his killer. I remember going back to the barracks and I cried all night." Pinellas County sheriff's investigators linked Dash's disappearance to the disappearance of two other county women. Johnson, 21, both of Largo, vanished in 19, respectively. "He always had this thing about telling me about my driving," Wade said.

"It's still under investigation, and detectives are asking anyone with information concerning the incident to call," said Elizabeth Daly-Watts, Clearwater police spokeswoman. We had been to together 20 years." Shortly after her mother's disappearance, Jones joined the Air Force and needed a security clearance. All three women had come in contact with Cleveland Hill Jr., an asphalt contractor who at one time was a minister at the church the Dashes attended, investigators said. "I still see him coming down the stairs like a 19-year-old instead of a 48-year-old," said Wade, who was allowing her brother to live with her in Palm Harbor at the time. "He said, 'You're speeding.' That was the last time I saw him." At Gilghrest's home, Dash ate dinner and lifted weights before leaving for work at the Atrium.

When Wade, Jones and Gilghrest received word that their brother had been injured in the early morning of July 30, they drove to the scene. "It was devastating for me," said Leon Dash Sr., 74. The process stalled once they learned that her mother had not been found. Hill was sentenced to 19 years in federal prison in 1992 for drug trafficking. Hill has denied any involvement in the women's disappearances. The Dashes have never stopped looking for their family matriarch and over the years have hired private detectives to help. He spent part of the day sitting on the balcony of his sister's home, drawing. Tashyra Dash, 24, Leon Dash Jr.'s daughter, never got to meet her grandmother.

They were directed to Bayfront Medical Center in St. We didn't even know how to separate clothes all that well. The Air Force tried to locate Margaret Dash but there was no trace of her. After rumors swirled that a woman was buried at 1201 Baskins Crossing, an unincorporated area near Largo, Leon Dash Sr. The April 1993 dig failed to reveal any clues about Margaret Dash's whereabouts. And her father never got a chance to meet his first granddaughter. remarried, but he says he still will never stop looking for Margaret. "Just the other day I saw a lady who walked like Margaret, so I turned back around to see her face. "I don't think I'll accept the fact that she's dead." Demorris A.

Youngest daughter Ladwayna Gilghrest stood at the front door of their home at 1142 Wildwood St. "And now for this to happen to Junior, it's a bit overwhelming." Clearwater police said the Margaret Dash case is still open, although they haven't received any information recently.

"I was supposed to run out and get the medicine when she returned from the store," said Jones, now 51. Leon Dash Jr., 48, was beaten to death trying to break up a fight while working as a security guard for a party at the Atrium Martini Bar in downtown Clearwater. "We are still searching for Margaret," said Leon Dash Sr., who now lives in Homosassa.

They all hold the promise of transforming their fields of expertise and enriching the YDS curriculum.” Here, in the order in which their appointments were announced to YDS students, faculty, and staff, are brief profiles of the newest additions to the school’s faculty: Yii-Jan Lin Yii-Jan “Jan Jan” Lin will serve as Assistant Professor of New Testament. Her new book, (Oxford 2016), examines how metaphors of race, family, evolution, and genetic inheritance have shaped the goals and assumptions of New Testament scholarship. Lin and her work can be found on her Pacific faculty biography page. Mc Cray is currently Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Director of Multicultural Ministries at Virginia Theological Seminary, where she teaches and conducts research in homiletics, Christian spirituality, and ecclesiology. Mc Cray is the author of five scholarly articles (published or in press), and she is working on a book exploring the role of risk-taking as an essential part of spiritual life. Marshall Turman, see her Duke Divinity faculty page. He comes to YDS from Andover Newton Theological School, where he taught theology and culture and directed the Orlando E. in theological and religious studies from Drew University in 2000, Dr.

Donyelle Mc Cray Donyelle Mc Cray comes to YDS as Assistant Professor of Homiletics. A hospice chaplain and an attorney at previous stages in her career, Dr. Mc Cray and her work, visit her VTS faculty biography page. Clifton Granby Clifton Granby joins the YDS community as a post-doctoral associate and, after one year, will become Assistant Professor of Ethics and Philosophy. Granby was a lecturer in ethics and black religion at YDS in 2015 and is currently serving as a lecturer in religion at Princeton University. Costas Lectureship in Latino/a Religion and Theology. Valentin focuses his teaching and scholarship on areas including U. Latino/a Christianity and theology; Christianity in Latin America; liberation theologies; public and political theologies; and constructive theology. Valentin has written and/or edited six books and has published eight scholarly articles.

Helen Keller said it best, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." That is exactly how Fun on the Five started.

A group of individuals had a vision of a family-friendly day centered around our biggest natural asset, Five Island Lake.

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