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"A lot of the athletes here are using this app," said Nyman, 25.

" Hook-ups among athletes have long been part of the games but using mobile apps has made these Olympic flings a lot easier.

"I have to say the men are like 10 times more attractive on Bumble."Think of Bumble as the Sadie Hawkins dance of mobile dating."I like the control because there are so many creeps out there and I don't always like the messages that I receive," Feldman said.

"So I have the control of connecting with that person on my time with what I want to say."So if the swiping process of Bumble feels a lot like the dating app Tinder, that's no coincidence.

Oliveira and Pedroso already had what has been described as a “fraught” relationship, and the sex session appeared to be the “final straw” between the two.

Following their dismal finish, Pedroso diplomatically announced, “After the Olympics, I will focus on my individual [diving].

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