Entourage validating and copying link data

When I look at the data validation box the correct name range is there.However, on exit of the dialog box, I get an error message "you may not use references to other workbook for Data Validation Criteria" I feel that I need to change the name range reference (=Test Result Name) where Test Result Name is a name range on the data worksheet. I did get this to work by coping the workbook and deleting the un-needed worksheets.Among other things, you can use data validation for the following: You can choose to show an Input Message when the user selects the cell.Input messages are generally used to offer users guidance about the type of data that you want entered in the cell. You can move this message if you want to, and it remains visible until you move to another cell or press Esc.On another sheet in the workbook, you'll create a list of valid dates.In this example, the sheet with the list is named Admin Lists.

However, if I have the cell selected and hit the Delete button it will let me delete the cell without a warning. If ' Ignore blanks' is unchecked, and they click Retry, then press the Delete key, they'll see another error message, because the blank cell won't be allowed as a replacement.

You can use data validation to restrict the type of data or the values that users enter into a cell.

One of the most common data validation uses is to create a drop-down list.

You can also show an Error Alert that appears only after users enter invalid data.

You can choose from three types of error alerts: Warn users that the data they entered is invalid, without preventing them from entering it.

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